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Assalamualaikum :) Hi guys . Today , im gonna confess about what i feels . It is about friendship . I do have a lot of bestfriends . Some of them just show when they need favors from me . Some of them doesnt close with me anymores and some of them still here when i need them . Why am i still consider them as my bestfriend while they're do such thing to me ? Because i do love my bestfriends . It was hard to find bestfriend like them nowadays and I'm grateful because they had become a good friends to me :)

I do have someone that i love her the most . But , something happen and make the thing worst . Till now , i still hope that she could be my bestfriend like before . But im sure , very sure that thing will never happen . I do believe with second chances but its still impossible . Nevermind , i still consider her as my best friends :') Sometimes , my parents also ask about her . In deep of my heart , i do miss her . I feel like i wanna crying . We created so many sweet things you know :') Hahaha . It was a nice memories . Yes , memories never died :'D So end , about "girl one"

"Girl two" , also my bestfriend . My good friends untill now :) But , i guess im just a self-indelgent who treats her as my besfriend  . I dont feel that she love me , she appreciate me or anything . She knows that i love her but she just doing nothing . Hahaha . Maybe i dont deserve to be friend with her . I dont mean anything to her . Sometimes , i do ask her some help , sometime she will help , sometimes she just do nothing . Its different when she ask some help from me , i will try hard to help her . Fortunately , she doesnt see what i did to her :') But , its okay . She still my best friend :'D

"Girl three" , the one , who stay with me since i form ___ . The one that always advice me , always cares about me :) She was adorable , amazing and determined . I do love her . Like others . Always help me when i needed her :') Since she was continue studying far away , we dont meet always . Just keep in touch through whatsapp . I do miss her :')

The last girl , "girl four" . Girl four do not refer to one person for your information :) currently , i still have them as my bestfriend . I do miss them badly . I wish i can keep all the memories forever . I love them just sometimes they make me feel offended . But , im okay . It just a small matter .

Image result for quote about pain

Thankyou for reading and  sorry for my bad english . Im still learning to improve my writing skills :)

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  1. Eyqin, I can count my best friends on one hand.. For me, a friend who understands your tears is much more valuable than a lot of friends who only share your happiness. You know who you are dear.. So don't be said okay..


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