THE AMERZING BLOGLIST | Assalamualaikum and hi everyone ! Another bloglist segment in this month . Maybe this is the last segment i joined in this month since I was busy with my preparation to face STPM Sem 2 . Got to strunggle in this sem because I dont want to repeat paper . Hahaha . Wish me luck ya . So , I already done all the requirements . Gonna give a very short review about Amerzing Blog . 

- Simple and neat . 
- Sporting writer . 
- Good content .
- Interesting and Amazing 

The Amerzing Blog was a simple and very neat blog . If you dont believe me , just click this link and you can value it yourself how was the blog . The writer also sporting and nice to me . The post also full with good content and the most important it was very interesting and amazing ! Actually , blogger like him give courage for me to write a post in english even though it was not a simple task since i'm not really good in english . But in shaa Allah , i try hard to write my posting in english soon. Haha pray for me ><  . So , that was my very short review which is not more than 110 words . Hee

There's a lot of thing that being amazing in my life . The most amazing is when i form 3 . The bonds of friendship that i had with my classmates , 3 RK 2 was the most amazing thing that had happened in my life . A lot of memories we created together . The most mischievous age is when we all made a teacher cry , our mathematics teacher . The reason why she's crying is , there are none of us that could solve the questions that she gave at that time even she already teach us many times . But she was a strong teacher :') She never give up on us . She still carried her duties as a math teacher and praise to Allah , all of us get A's on PMR . But before the PMR , all of us ask for her forgiveness . That was the mischievous things . The sweet memories is when all of us gathered at my home to do some activities together like barbeque , playing true or dare games and explores . That thing makes me extremely happy because all of us spend the sweet times together . So , i hope you could understand my bad english , Amer .

By the way , thanks Amer because released this segment because i could throwback my past life with full of smiles and im have fun writing this post ! But still sorry for my bad english . Hahaha

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  1. so tomorrow teachers day. make a special entry for her. hehe

    1. haha in shaa Allah . kalau sempatt kan . huhu

  2. hehe short review but nice :)

  3. Eh kenapa komen Amer titik je... hmm Amer tulis skali lagi.. Hahahah... I really2 understand you Eyqin. I also had this kind of maniac circle of friend that always do weird thing together. And my batch also had made one of our teachers cried hmm.. so sad. But, that is now a precious memory that will never fade. Anyway.. thanks for joining.. Thanks you so much. I really appreciate your english.. ur english is good laahh.. no worry. We learn from mistake, arent we? Thnk you again :)

    1. Haha taktahu taktahuu . Yes , that kind of memory will never fade . Welcome Amer :D

  4. come here from the same segment. feel free to visit my blog too

  5. I also think the best time of my life is in high school, masa semua masih muda and still together.

    btw, didn't know you put me in your bloglist. Thank you xD *heartuntukawak*

  6. Hi, I'm here for the final judgment for the AMERZING Bloglist winners. Maybe you will be one of 'em. Wait for the announcement on this 3 June 2017. Cheers!!!

  7. assalamualaikum,

    blogwalking dari segmen yang sama


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